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Successful roulette players give a shit on the euro crisis
Written by Ing. Egon Planer   

SWRH 6.2 is now in the Download area, completely new programmed!

Get your personal licence version of SWRH 6.2 NOW (please refer to the German start page) with a simple transfer on paypal in favor of This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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License DIAMOND 500,- €

Please note as payment reason your ordered version "SWRH B" / P / G or D.

These prices are valid until 30th June, 2018. You will receive your personal license key within 3 days after payment by email. We are already working on an English version of SWRH 6.2, please be patient until it's done, Thank you for your cooperation.

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With a good cup of coffee or a glass of wine on the PC make money - is there anything better ? The dilemma of most roulette players in the casino is that they consider roulette as a game of luck and who really just blindly and " feeling down " sets , the sheer arbitrariness of the ball is delivered . I assume that you do not want to belong to such adventurers . But what promising strategies play professional players today in the online casinos? In almost 90 % of all cases on all even money bets (!) Or the game of favorites . With our forecasting software Sam Woods Roulette Hit you be successful quickly on the easy chances . Clean up with the roulette game in the online casinos now finally properly from or do you know a better, legal alternative for a current tax-free income ?

In order to achieve unusual results , you must also use unusual methods , no question , and that distinguishes us from the theorists and alleged experts, Sam Woods Roulette Hit software works with the theory of probability on the basis of previously fallen figures today. Each fallen at the roulette wheel number is simply clicked in the program and after an average of 8-12 trains , the program begins with you to make suggestions for your bet placed on the even chances . We are pragmatists and will give you our forecasting software in the TRY BEFORE BUY mode for free to try out and play for 30 long days. Click the DOWNLOAD menu and download the software to your PC . After the installation you are looking for an internet casino on where you can play for free and sample contact Sam Woods Roulette Hit a call.

Put in your sample matches the recommended numbers from the probability calculation until you get a real sense of when you enter and when to pause . The final miracle system that guarantees you can surely win every day, there will certainly be never.  This probability is as small as the appearance of a series of 100 black numbers in succession but the goal of our software is to help you to win in the long run when you visit in the Internet casinos have a decent return .

Also with us is true : Suck it and most importantly - it costs nothing to try 30 days of our forecasting system after line and thread before one divorce for a purchase because you want to use the full functionality. Good luck!

Properly played roulette brings you tax-free cash.

Note to the language: the website in English was translated by software. Problems with meaning and understanding are possible therefore. We are always grateful for corrections: email.

Disclaimer: All data, statements and income results are based on Permanenzüberprüfungen, a guarantee of any profits is explicitly excluded. By generally valid knowledge it is considered impossible to win at roulette in the long run. Although long-distance profits are made from it can be no guarantee of future profits derived games. Carussell Com here expressly declares that it is neither responsible for any consequences resulting from the application of the software nor its failure to take responsibility in any form. SWRH is continuously developed strategically.

Ex nihilo nihil fit.



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