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Saturday, 23 September 2023
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Why simple chances?
Written by Bernie Anano   
Wednesday, 24 October 2012 00:00


Sam Woods Roulette Hit processed in the current stage of the simple odd because the profit potential here already are the highest in principle. In roulette, the player always fights against the bank, the advantage lies with the evens only at 1.35%. The theoretical loss is thus at € 1.35 at 100, - € or use in other words, move from 100, - € used on average € 98.65 back to the players.
Another advantage of the simple chances is that you can get out of them a profit maximum per game. Of course, this depends on the size of the bet, and given that you have to set a rule more often for the arrival of a number as the arrival of a simple chance to get a game can on simple chances but worth significantly if profits from some few basic operations take place.

When I recently asked the hall chief of a north German casino if he knew because roulette systems or methods that would really attract sustainable, because he said that it is not so much on an elaborate system of arriving, but if all roulette players consistently use the simple odd and with modest but steady gains (10 - 15 pieces per day) would be satisfied, then the casinos would get seriously huge problems.

Sam Woods Roulette Hit seeks to reduce its rate forecasts on the even chances for the house edge to a minimum. In the long term, it is of course on what value the chips used. Players aim with the use of Sam Woods Roulette Hit is to win a hand in a secure manner, while on the other hand, the profits increase slowly so that in the end come out really impressive winnings. The roulette players always intended himself aboard with how much he wants to set capital and then be directed gain height and speed of the earnings growth.

Provided a possible uniform profit growth without increasing the set pieces and in some cases with earnings progression on our own decision. The strategy game is normally designed satzarm, but can of course be changed by the player through parameterization.

Why do not you just the dry test: Use ... Spielbankpermanenzen (overviews of the casinos, where all the winning numbers from previous lists) and check it for yourself how much money you had been with Sam Woods Roulette Hit can win You will regret it soon, not our system SWRH met much earlier to have!

On the other hand: It never too late to have success ...



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