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Saturday, 23 September 2023
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Can you live on roulette?
Written by Ing. Egon Planer   
Thursday, 27 January 2011 15:36


For many years we have not only gained in casinos successfully with Sam Woods Roulette Hit strategy, but also deal almost daily with algorithms, mathematics, probability, statistics and programming. That's exactly what we do. And when the people understood inevitably sooner or later the question:

And can I really live on playing roulette?

Yes, of course you can! Basically the question is a bit inaccurate because it does not name the boatbuilding yes or burden that needs to be if you want to earn his income in roulette. How much time you want to use, how much money you can invest, which bring a willingness to sensitize themselves to you? Use an optimal strategy or software that you can use long-term success? In no case does professional roulette like a visit to the doctor - there is no pill that you swallow and then all will be well and you win without end ...

But there are the successful forecasting software Sam Woods Roulette Hit and a few basic rules that can help one to answer this question at least acceptable. With all best preparation as applied probability theory, and statistical considerations forecast strategy still remains a surprise, because as the saying goes: God's ways are endless! The remains of the great appeal and the challenge of roulette.

Basic rule 1
The Internet casino is not a place to get rich by working

You can be a banker, real estate agent, plumber or inventors relatively rich - these are all real jobs. But professional roulette is - like professional poker - not to crack with the attitude, I do now get to work ... Long-term success in roulette games is rather something like living gratitude instead of creating, creating Häuslebaue, rather something like meditation or trampolining instead the result sweaty work. It can reveal the ease of being pleasant way ...

Maybe you keep your current job for the time being, you need him, because he structured your life and gives you a solid rhythm. The Internet casino is a smooth rhythm breaker: Just when you Permanenzenstrom in the casino make a rhythm, a pattern or strategy and want to follow this stubborn, this rhythm of permanence stop abruptly. After all those surprises for many years lost millions in the casinos are responsible for year.

Our experience has shown that it is good if you are beginning your career continue to work, even if only part-time and your money in the casino rake in passing. This model is for the majority of people at the beginning of the most successful, as it were, a smooth transition into the roulette career.

Basic Rule 2
There is no guru but yourself

Every day thousands of people search the Internet for a guru who can never be wrong. Too bad, but it's just not because it can not give it, because the universe is required of you is still 100% responsibility for your own actions, otherwise your personal freedom would be worth nothing.

Now our universe is constructed so that you can actually get all your requirements sometime unquestionably, if you bring enough time and genuine willingness to learn the right strategies. Maybe you read it again the very interesting book by Wallace D. Wattles The Science of Getting Rich. We provide you with this important book like free home delivery without notice. This book is a very pragmatic guide, not a treatise on theories that knowledge you can apply immediately. It is for those people who want to first of all get rich and want to philosophize, and only then their strongest need is money. Are you ready now to be immediately successful, strategic roulette player?

Basic Rule 3
How much money do I need and what equipment?

You need to Sam Woods Roulette Hit only a reliable computer with an Internet connection, access to one or more online casinos and perhaps 50 - € 200 starting capital. A crucial point here: Do you always need an own earned money, take no credit for your games to complete. Money is a powerful energy of the floats in the infinite space, which can even prove: Money is often only associated with a business idea in the world that makes people aware of what you could want. Twenty years ago, nobody knew that you could wish for mobile phones, there was not the product. And 200 years ago you would have to use a cell phone landed even highly probable (r) as a witch at the stake.

Money is something deeply personal, because if you borrow money from his bank or inherit money or just get paid - it's not really our money (in the sense of self-developed). The human spirit needs a long time to classify given money as their own money and this misjudgment has serious consequences: Such money is not protected enough, it gives away too easily and too carelessly, and you feel the possible loss, if it is too late. It's kind of like if you would use in a boxing match the hands of another. Surely you would notice much too late, when the fingers are broken, because the given hands would use it too violently and without consideration ...

So: Private, self-earned money for gaming use, as says an old Hebrew saying: "All men are wise. The one before, the other behind! "

Basic Rule 4
Strategy game is not part of the duty, but the freestyle

The best roulette player that I have met were always cheerful people. They rely on their success strategy and pursue them as long as they hergibt something. She tilts her out or pause a little. You see them in the lounge with a cup of cream and possibly a cigar. These people are awake for all sorts of other things, but you have identified as Socrates, how little they actually know.

Often these people are emotionally annoyed loudly when the strategy goes wrong, smiling blissfully, if they have cleared a few thousand dollars. In a word, they radiate something like gratitude and inner freedom, but hustle and sweat smells do not exist in their world.

Principle 5
It is a pure spirit necessary

If people want to use a strategy such as Sam Woods Roulette Hit halfheartedly or just casually, you can quickly find that this is not the right approach. On the internet casino roulette table it is in spite of a sophisticated forecasting strategy also to the quality of decisions required from the player, for example. the application of the strategy, the entry and exit point and the size of the stakes, which one would make per coup.

This decision quality of course requires a pure mind in roulette players. After so many years of casino operations, one can say that it arrives at the casino only secondarily on intelligence and diligence. Successful players develop a familiarity and a feel for the table, the coups and strategy. This experience probably every one of us has done in his career, which falls at the beginning difficult and unfamiliar, after a few months or years is routine or new German expertise.

These statements mean that you actually from professional roulette (both from poker, etc.) can live, but not every month, first and second. Not without an optimal strategy and about 2 years experience in Internet casinos The perfect time system that wins on a button without ceasing, there is not (yet), there still would have the clairvoyance to be with built in, but the mathematical probability with optimized coups forecast for the rate determination, which are available in Sam Woods Roulette Hit today !

Roulette has only monetary gain or profit learning - and learning to win the roulette player must ask no questions asked. This may mean changing habits gained love and if you are really ready for it, it will be possible after a while live on roulette. People develop into successful roulette players - none is born that way!



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